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What to Test or Check When Buying Used Phones

Dec 01, 2021

what to test when buying used phones


More and more people are buying used phones nowadays. According to IDC, 55 million used phones were sold in 2021. You are not alone if you are considering it. However, when you are buying a used phone, make sure to run a full test of all functionalities. At UpTrade, we have been running a 50+ points test on every phone. Below is the list for your reference. Hope it helps!


Check Battery Health



- Full Brightness

- Adjustable Brightness

- No Bright Spot

- No Dead Pixel

- No Discoloration

- No Dust under the screen



- Works in all areas

- No Touch Delay

- 3D Touch (if applicable)



- Not Bent

- No Assembly Gaps

- No Severe Crack

- No Severe Damage

- Charging Port undamaged

- SIM Card Holder undamaged



- Front Camera

- Rear Camera

- Focus / No Blur

- No Discoloration

- Flash



- Power Key

- Volume Key

- Vibration Switch (if applicable)

- Home Button (if applicable)



- Celluar Service


- Bluetooth



- Mic 

- Speaker Bottom

- Speaker Top

- Volume Adjustable

- No Crack Sound




SIM Card

- SIM Card Tray

- SIM Detected



- Passcode

- Fingerprint (if applicable)

- Face ID (if applicable)



- Ambient Light Sensor

- Proximity Sensor

- Accelerometer

- Gyro

- Compass



- Vibration Functionality

- Vibration Switch (if applicable)



- Power On

- Recognize a charger

- Charging Normally


System & Data

- System Not Rooted

- Healthy Operating System

- All Accounts Removed

- All Data Cleared

- Reset to Factory Setting


If you are busy with your work or life, you may browse what we have here. All phones here must pass all the tests above before being certified and listed for sale.

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