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We Sell Your
Phone for More.

UpTrade helps you sell your phone, so you can get paid
for what your device is actually worth.

How it Works

Two Steps and Done

Ship your phone to us for free. You'll get
paid once it's sold. It's that easy!


Price Guarantee

Go through our price calculator and we’ll provide you a minimum guaranteed price based on the condition and market value of your phone. If we sell the phone for more, you’ll get paid more.


Clean & Package

Worry free instructions will be provided to help you wipe and prepare your phone for shipment. We don’t accept phones that have been reported lost or stolen.


Ship for Free

Shipping is on us. A prepaid shipping label will be sent to you for mailing your phone to us.


You Get Paid Fast

Multiple payment options to get cash how you want.


You Get Paid More

Unlike other trade in services, we cut out the middleman and pass on those savings directly to you. That means more cash in your pocket.

High Payback

Your phone will be listed on multiple markets
at the same time, so you get the best possible

  • Trade In Programs

    UpTrade pays 36% more on average.
    Most services that buy used phones
    offer a small credit towards your next purchase.

  • Peer to Peer Marketplaces

    You might get more on 3rd party
    marketplaces, but it could take weeks
    to get your money.

Sell With Confidence


Risk Free

Our price guarantee means you get paid
for the quoted price based on the
condition of your phone or we send your
phone back for FREE!


Data Protection

Your personal information is our priority.
We send you worry free instructions on
how to properly reset your phone for sale.


Hassle Free Shipping

Free shipping label sent to your home.
Then drop it off so you can carry on with
more important things.


Fast Payment

No more waiting for your cash. We issue
our price guarantee payment the next
business day after your phone is received.


100% Customer Satisfaction

The best value and service. Honest and
transparent communication every step of
the way.



We accept any phone. If we can’t sell it for
you, we will recycle it to prevent it from
ending up in a landfill.

What Our Customers Say

5.00 Rating 7 Reviews
1 week ago

PO#20190313110521425724 Super fast website submission, it's very easy to send phone in with their UPS label. Very reliable service also, their team response to my question within the same day. Will use them again in the future.

ying zhou
3 weeks ago

This place is amazing definitely will do business again and refer people to use them! They are fast, polite, professional and very efficient! I give them 5 stars!

Ashley Lawton
1 month ago

UpTrade was awesome! I had an old phone that wasn’t even working, and they paid me for it. Incredibly easy, they gave me a fedex label, I just dropped it off and they sent me an electronic payment. Incredibly painless experience that literally turned junk into money.

Daniel Roberts

Just Two Steps. Ship and Paid.

Quick, easy, and safe. Don’t settle for less.