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Is the iPhone 8 Still a Good Buy?

Oct 15, 2022 Esteban Facundo

Is the iPhone 8 Still a Good Buy?

The iPhone 8 is often the forgotten sibling from the family of iPhones released in 2017. Overtaken by the flashy and modern iPhone X, people don’t seem to realize they are actually the same phone wearing different outfits.

Taking into account the release of the iPhone 12 mini, there’s obviously market demand for small sized phones. But when you consider the high cost of buying a new phone at release, it’s possible the iPhone 8 is perfect for the type of person who wants the convenience of iOS built on top of modern hardware, without the cost of buying the newest phone straight from Apple.

Software Experience:

The iPhone 8 is still killing it in terms of daily use. It handles everything you can throw at it including social media, Youtube, and even the latest games. The iPhone 8 is deceptively powerful as it contains the same A11 chip found in the iPhone X.

And seeing that the iPhone X is still going strong as the first “next gen” iPhone and predecessor to the iPhone Pro line up, the iPhone 8 should continue to shine brightly for all the users who prefer a smaller handset.


The iPhone 8’s screen is 4.7 inches across. Not exactly large by today’s standards, yet perfectly appropriate for its niche appeal. It has a resolution of 1,334 x 750, with 326 pixels per inch.

While a screen that is approximately 720P seems a little outdated for 2020, keep in mind the 4.7 inch screen. The only real trade off here is in terms of size, as the improvements brought by a denser or sharper screen would be difficult to even notice.

If you’d like a bigger and better experience, the iPhone 8 Plus solves this issue coming in at 5.5 inches across with a 1920 x 1080P display at 401 PPI. Perfectly suitable for media consumption, and still looks great using apps or playing your favorite games.


No doubt the biggest selling point for the most recent iPhone generations over the iPhone 8 have been camera upgrades and additional cameras. Future entries include extra lenses for optical zoom in and zoom out. And while these features certainly are nice to have, they are just that: features.

Camera quality is something that will always be improving, but has anybody ever said that an iPhone released in the last 5 years takes bad photos?

No, these are some of the most advanced lenses in the world, and are capable of recording 4K footage at 60 frames per second. This is a level of detail that most people cannot even view as 4K screens are not widespread in use by most consumers.

Without a doubt, the camera found in the iPhone 8 is high end and will take some of the best quality images in the foreseeable future.

Future Compatibility Experience

With a release date of 2017, the iPhone 8 is expected to be kept up to date on the latest iOS version throughout the year 2022, even up to the beginning of 2023, depending on when updates are pushed out. This creates significant value right now as the price has depreciated quite significantly since it’s initial release. Additional savings can be found in buying slightly used devices.


There isn’t a lot that the iPhone 12 series can do today that the iPhone 8 cannot. And with the understanding that software updates will keep this phone current until 2023, what’s not to love about the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 was the last numbered release that catered to consumers of small form factor smartphones, and for the financially savvy of those consumers, there has never been a better time to invest.

The iPhone 8 is a fast, functional and inconspicuous device that runs all your apps and can satisfy all of your needs at an average price of around $249!

So why pay more? Stay up to date at a discount.

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