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Is the Google Pixel 7 Pro Worth Buying in 2024

Feb 13, 2024 Jonathan Sizemore
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Ah, the majestic Google Pixel 7 Pro, a relic from the technological ancient times of 2024. Is it still worth considering in this futuristic landscape of ever-evolving gadgets and gizmos? Join us as we embark on a satirical journey into the cosmic wonders of buying used and discover whether the Pixel 7 Pro can stand the test of time.

Buying Used vs. New

In a world where the term "planned obsolescence" is thrown around like confetti at a tech enthusiast's wedding, the concept of buying used devices has become akin to sipping aged wine rather than settling for the latest boxed juice. Why splurge on the newest model when you can revel in the charm of yesteryear's tech and save a pretty penny while you're at it?

Let's face it – buying used is the hipster's way of thumbing their noses at consumerism. So, grab your metaphorical monocle and top hat as we delve into the value of opting for pre-loved gadgets in a world obsessed with the shiny and new.

The Pixel 7 Pro's Timeless Camera

Now, let's zoom in on the pièce de résistance – the Pixel 7 Pro's camera. In the ever-escalating camera arms race, the Pixel 7 Pro proudly flaunts its photographic prowess, proving that age is just a number. Despite being a product of 2023, its camera is still hailed as one of the best in the smartphone cosmos.

With features that make even the snobbiest DSLR cameras raise an impressed eyebrow, the Pixel 7 Pro captures moments with the finesse of a seasoned artist. Who needs the latest and greatest when you can snap stunning photos and bask in the glory of a camera that has aged like a fine work of art?

Pixel 8 Pro – The Not-So-Quantum Leap

Now, our journey takes us to the future, where the Pixel 8 Pro beckons with promises of grandeur. But hold your horses; is it really that much better than its predecessor? Well, not exactly.

The Pixel 8 Pro may flaunt some flashy editing features, but let's not be fooled by the smoke and mirrors. These features can easily be replicated with a few taps on your Play Store, rendering the Pixel 7 Pro's editing capabilities far from outdated.

Unmasking the Pixel 7 Pro's Endearing Quirks

Beyond its stellar camera, the Pixel 7 Pro boasts a collection of endearing quirks that have aged like a vintage vinyl record. Remember the days when smartphones had personality? Well, the Pixel 7 Pro is here to remind us. From its slightly wonky fingerprint sensor placement that keeps you on your toes to its charmingly stubborn refusal to fully embrace the notch craze – every quirk tells a story.

In a tech landscape dominated by homogeneity, the Pixel 7 Pro stands as a rebellious reminder that imperfections can be beautiful. It's not just a smartphone; it's a time capsule, preserving the eccentricities of a bygone era.

The Economics of Tech Nostalgia

Let's talk economics – the real MVP in the world of buying used. While enthusiasts sprint to grab the latest model, the savvy consumer lingers in the shadows, eyeing the Pixel 7 Pro with a knowing smirk. The depreciation game is strong with this one.

Buying used is not just about getting a great device; it's a strategic financial move. As the Pixel 7 Pro gracefully ages, its price tag waltzes down the depreciation curve, making it an absolute steal for those who play the long game. In a world where the phrase "fiscal responsibility" is often overshadowed by the allure of the new, choosing the Pixel 7 Pro is like making a wise investment in the stock market of tech nostalgia.

The Ode to Pixel 7 Pro

Oh, Pixel 7 Pro, you magnificent relic of 2023! In this satirical ode, we celebrate your quirks, embrace your timeless camera, and revel in the sheer audacity of choosing the path less traveled – the path of the used but not abused.

While others chase the fleeting thrill of the next big thing, we, the enlightened few, recognize the allure of a smartphone that doesn't bow to the whims of trendiness. So, here's to you, Pixel 7 Pro, for being more than just a device – for being a symbol of rebellion, a testament to tech's enduring charm, and a satirical protagonist in the cosmic saga of buying used in 2024.


In a world where innovation often overshadows nostalgia, the Pixel 7 Pro stands as a beacon of wit, charm, and enduring value. As you navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape, consider the satirical allure of buying used and let the Google Pixel 7 Pro be your guide to a galaxy where gadgets age like fine wine, not just fade into oblivion. Cheers to the timeless wonders of yesteryear and may your tech adventures be as satirically enchanting as the Pixel 7 Pro itself.

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