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Is it Still Worth Buying the Google Pixel 5a in 2024

Jun 19, 2024 Jonathan Sizemore
Is it Still Worth Buying the Google Pixel 5a

As we move further into 2024, the Google Pixel 5a remains a topic of interest for those looking for a reliable and budget-friendly smartphone. Launched in August 2021, the Pixel 5a offered an appealing blend of performance, camera quality, and clean software at an affordable price. In this blog, we will evaluate whether the Google Pixel 5a is still worth buying in 2024, considering its specifications, performance, and alternatives.

Overview of the Google Pixel 5a

The Google Pixel 5a, released in August 2021, is a mid-range smartphone that continues to offer excellent value for its price. It features a 6.34-inch OLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, and a dual-camera system that delivers impressive photo quality. With a large 4680mAh battery, 5G support, and Google's commitment to timely software updates, the Pixel 5a provides a compelling package for budget-conscious buyers.

Full Specs for Google Pixel 5a

ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Screen6.34-inch OLED display (1080 x 2400 pixels)
CameraDual 12.2MP (wide) + 16MP (ultrawide) rear cameras, 8MP front camera
Storage128GB, no microSD slot
Battery Life4680mAh, up to 48 hours with Extreme Battery Saver
Operating SystemAndroid 11, upgradable to the latest version
Weight183 grams (6.46 ounces)
Dimensions156.2 x 73.2 x 8.8 mm (6.15 x 2.88 x 0.35 inches)
SIMNano-SIM and eSIM
Other Features5G support, IP67 dust/water resistance

Performance and Chipset

The Pixel 5a is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, which offers a solid balance between performance and efficiency. While it may not rival the latest flagship processors, the 765G is still capable of handling everyday tasks, including multitasking, browsing, and streaming. Its integrated 5G modem ensures that the Pixel 5a can take advantage of faster network speeds where available, providing a future-proof option for users needing reliable connectivity.

Camera Quality

One of the standout features of the Pixel 5a is its camera system. The dual rear cameras, consisting of a 12.2MP wide sensor and a 16MP ultrawide sensor, produce high-quality images. Google's computational photography features, such as Night Sight and HDR+, ensure that photos are vibrant and detailed, even in challenging lighting conditions. The 8MP front camera is also excellent for selfies and video calls, maintaining the Pixel series' reputation for outstanding camera performance.

Screen and Display

The Pixel 5a features a 6.34-inch OLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. This display offers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and excellent contrast, making it ideal for media consumption and gaming. The large screen size provides an immersive viewing experience, and the OLED technology ensures better color accuracy and energy efficiency compared to LCD displays.

Battery Life

Battery life is a critical factor for many smartphone users, and the Pixel 5a excels in this area. The 4680mAh battery can easily last a full day of heavy use, and with features like Extreme Battery Saver, it can extend up to 48 hours. This extended battery life ensures that users can rely on their device throughout the day without frequent recharging. The Pixel 5a also supports fast charging, adding convenience for users on the go.

Design and Build Quality

The Pixel 5a has a sleek and modern design with an aluminum and plastic construction that feels premium in the hand. Its dimensions are 156.2 x 73.2 x 8.8 mm, making it comfortable to hold and use with one hand. The device is also IP67 rated for dust and water resistance, adding to its durability. While the design might seem less flashy compared to the latest flagship models, it still offers a sturdy build and practical aesthetics.

Software and Updates

Google's commitment to providing timely software updates is one of the Pixel 5a's significant advantages. The device initially launched with Android 11 and is upgradable to the latest version of Android. Users can expect regular security updates and new features, ensuring that the phone remains secure and functional for years to come. Google's clean and bloatware-free software experience is another plus for Pixel users.

Alternatives to Consider

While the Google Pixel 5a remains a strong contender in 2024, there are several alternatives to consider if you're looking for newer technology or additional features:

Google Pixel 6a

The Pixel 6a offers many of the same benefits as the Pixel 5a, including excellent camera performance and timely software updates, but with newer hardware and potentially better performance.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

The Galaxy A52 5G is another solid mid-range option that provides a versatile camera system, a high-refresh-rate display, and a large battery, making it a worthy alternative to the Pixel 5a.

OnePlus Nord 2

The OnePlus Nord 2 offers excellent value for money with a high-performance chipset, fast charging, and a solid camera setup, making it a strong competitor in the mid-range segment.

Additional Benefit of Buying a Refurbished Google Pixel 5a

Opting for a refurbished Google Pixel 5a offers significant benefits, both economically and environmentally. Purchasing a refurbished phone can save you a substantial amount of money compared to buying a brand-new device. Furthermore, choosing a refurbished model helps reduce electronic waste, contributing to environmental sustainability. By giving a second life to pre-owned devices, you help minimize the demand for new phone production, which in turn reduces the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and disposing of electronics.

How UpTrade Can Help Choose the Best Certified Refurbished Pixel 5a

UpTrade offers a curated selection of certified used and refurbished phones, ensuring that all devices meet high standards of quality and performance. By aggregating listings from trusted sellers, UpTrade allows you to compare prices and find the best deals without the risk of scams. All phones listed on UpTrade come from certified sellers who have been vetted for their reliability and quality assurance processes. This means you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality device that has been properly tested and restored. UpTrade simplifies the buying process by providing a platform where you can easily compare prices from various certified sellers, making it a one-stop-shop for your refurbished phone needs.


In conclusion, the Google Pixel 5a remains a viable option in 2024 for those seeking a reliable and well-rounded smartphone. Its performance, camera quality, and software support make it a strong contender despite its age. However, if you are looking for the latest technology and additional features, considering alternatives like the Google Pixel 6a, Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, or OnePlus Nord 2 might be beneficial. For the best deals on certified used and refurbished phones, including the Google Pixel 5a, visit UpTrade.

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