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Verizon Trade In Program: How Does It Stack Up?

Apr 19, 2019

Verizon Trade-In Program Put To The Test

How does it measure up when everything is said and done?

We decided to see what would happen to our iPhone 7 Plus if we sent it to Verizon using their trade-in program.

Back in early March we decided to test out a few trade-in programs with Verizon being one of them. We sent off a iPhone 7 Plus and received an initial quote of $225. Fair enough as it seemed like a decent amount for our experiment. This got us curious about their pricing.

Here are some options and comparison prices versus

We sent off the device with the label that we received via e-mail and begin the waiting game. With a company the size and the reputation of Verizon, it shouldn’t take too long for this process to work. To our surprise, it took about 3 weeks from start to finish for us to collect payout. We received one email to confirm the order then radio silence until our device was paid.

In contrast, here at UpTrade, we provide excellent communication from start to finish to keep your mind at ease. We also provide a quick and painless payout system. E-checks are wonderful. You can print out a check and deposit the cash directly to your bank.

One of the biggest differences between the two trade in programs is that UpTrade not only provides you a higher payment than Verizon in most cases, but once we resell your device, we will provide you with a secondary payment if the amount is higher.

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