UpTrade Seller Listing Terms and Condition

UpTrade Fees

  • Buyer pays 10% UpTrade Fees, included in the listed purchase price. Sellers do not pay a fee.

Buyer and Seller Communication

  • All communications will be done by UpTrade to avoid harassment and to provide a fair transaction to both buyers and sellers.

Shipping Policies

  • Sellers are required to send the package no more than 2 business days after device has been sold..
  • Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the seller.
  • Seller is required to use the label provided by UpTrade. Otherwise, the buyer and our system won’t be able to track the shipment status.

Sales Terms

  • All sales are considered binding unless special circumstances arise:
  • If fraud is suspected, UpTrade will investigate for the seller to determine if sale can be cancelled.
  • Seller cannot void a sale due to a mistake in pricing.
  • Buyer can cancel a sell if the seller has not yet shipped the device.

Returns and Refunds

  • All sellers agree to a 14 day return period after the device has been delivered to the customer.
  • If an item is defective or does not match the original description, buyers should be entitled to a refund.
  • All payments should be promptly refunded when a refund has been accepted.
  • Sales fees will be returned when a device is refunded within the first 14 days.
  • If a device is blacklisted after the user receives their device, a return will be enforced and a prompt refund will be required and fees will not be returned.

Shipping Costs on Returned Items

  • When an item is to be returned either the buyer or seller will pay return shipping costs.
  • The seller is responsible for paying the return if the device is deemed to not match the original description, if there are functionality issues, or if the device is found to be financed/blacklisted after the sale has been finalized.
  • The buyer is responsible to pay the shipping if the return is based on a true buyer’s remorse. (Did not like the device, decided that it was not necessary, etc…)
  • All returns require tracking information as they are in a standard fulfillment process

Device Eligibility


  • Device must be fully functional. The screen must be in working condition. All other device features must be fully functional as well.
  • Device's must be free of any financial obligation. (IMEI will be checked to see if it has been fully paid off)
  • Device must be free of cracks or broken glass.
  • Device must be factory reset and all personal information removed.
  • All features must be functional. (FaceID, Proximity Sensor, etc…)
  • Waterproof devices must have the same waterproof integrity as new. (Seals cannot be removed or damaged)

Not Allowed

  • Devices with broken glass on any part of the device.
  • Devices with any indication of water damage.
  • Any devices that show up as blocked or blacklisted for any reason.
  • Devices that are missing any physical portion of the phone. (Stylus, buttons, device structure)
  • Devices that have had modified software. (Changed IMEI, jailbroken, rooted)
  • Devices that have not been fully paid off.
  • Devices that are software locked. (Security code, iCloud lock, Android Factory Reset Protection) This is different from a carrier-locked phone
  • Devices that have been previously returned due to a functional issue.
  • Device accessories that pose risk such as a USB cable which has wires that are exposed.
  • Devices that are not of production models. We do not allow pre-production models to be sold.

Device Readiness

  • We require that all phones sold on our site are sold in a “ready to use” condition. They must be free of any current wireless plan and should be able to be activated once the buyer receives the device.