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How To Sell Your Old Phone for Cash

Apr 09, 2019

Phones aren’t cheap, and with the prices of these devices continuing to rise, many people are obviously looking to sell their old devices to finance the purchase of a new one. If this sounds like you, then we’ve got a few tips that can help you to get the maximum resale value for your phone. Here are a few things to consider.

Special editions and rare colors are worth more

If you haven't bought a new phone yet, then you may consider opting for one that comes in a rarer color. People are often willing to pay a premium for these devices, and your resale value could benefit from it.

On the flip side, don’t choose a color that nobody wants or the value could be negatively impacted. Some colors, like pink, for example, may have a limited audience, and less demand could lower the perceived value of your phone.

Some phone models are just worth more

An iPhone has excellent resale value, but a lesser-known Android manufacturer might not fetch the same price on the used market. Be aware of the demand for your particular phone’s model before making a purchase if you plan to sell it later.

If there’s no demand for the phones and resale value is important to you, then you may want to pick something else.

Make sure to keep the box and manuals

Believe it or not, people really do want these things. Plus, having the original box can help to prove that your phone is legitimate since it will display the model number and serial code for your device, allowing you to demand a higher price tag.

It also just looks good when you keep the boxes, and this can raise the perceived value of your device above people who didn’t keep any of that stuff.

Make sure everything works properly

Obviously, a phone that is 100% functional will be worth the most money. To avoid any problems after the sale, make sure to do a "health check" on the phone before you sell it. If there are any issues with the device, you'll need to disclose this to the buyer.

People buy damaged phones every day, but the price they’ll be willing to pay for less than perfect devices will be much lower. You’ll need to price your device accordingly to get a quick sale and to avoid returns. Here’s a quick checklist.

  • Do all the buttons work?
  • Does the phone have any scratches?
  • Does the screen have any cracks?
  • Does the phone’s battery hold a good charge?
  • Does the phone power on to the home screen?
  • Does the headphone jack work properly?
  • Does the charging port work properly?

Clean your phone

Take a few minutes to clean and polish up your phone. Nobody wants to buy a dirty looking device with fingerprints and gunk on it. Just a quick polish before you take the pictures can go a long way in how much someone perceives the device is worth. Smudges might also be mistaken for scratches when people are viewing the photos too!

Get a good case to protect your investment

Having a phone with a scuffed up housing or even having minor scratches on the screen significantly lowers the resale value. Invest in a good phone case to protect your device from bumps and bruises. It’ll be worth the few dollars you spent on it for the increase in selling price later.

Unlocked phones are worth more money

Try to unlock your phone if possible. This will up the resale value significantly because it can now be used on any carrier. While it’s not impossible to sell a locked phone, it will limit who you can sell it to, and bring the value down since whoever buys it is locked to only one carrier.

Use UpTrade to get more money

Selling a phone on your own is not only a pain, but it can also be difficult to make sure that you’re getting a fair price for your device. If you don’t know a lot about phones, then you might underprice your device, significantly reducing the money you get for it.

Or, you might even overprice it, allowing your phone to sit unsold for months while the resale value continues to go down over time.

If you really don't want to deal with any of that, then you can use UpTradeIt to get the maximum value for your phone without any of the work. You can also get paid much faster using this method than if you were to sell the phone yourself.